The Flirt Bar


When Bible Belt wife, HONEY B. DEWS loses everything in the divorce from her cheating husband except a Strip Club he owned, she intends to burn it down or sell it to pay off crushing IRS debt. Instead her book club friends convince Honey to turn the Strip Club into THE FLIRT BAR, where women can go to drink and be flirted with, because what women REALLY want is to be truly seen and admired.

The lead singer of the band that comes with the bar, RAQUEL RAMONE, is Honey’s opposite - a hard-singing, god-fearing, gay Greek chorus. Raquel demands that THE FLIRT BAR must also cater to women of all sexual orientations. Honey is initially reluctant, but gives in hoping it will piss off her ex. Working hard to make THE FLIRT BAR a success, HONEY has to deal with hard-nosed AGENT RONALD from the IRS, the feeling she’s old and over, and a religious uprising from her best friend, DORNA. When Raquel is confronted by an old girlfriend, ALYSSA, and Agent Ronald develops feelings for Honey, everybody in The Flirt Bar has to learn to fully trust in love. Not the just flirty parts. Not just the kissing part. But the full-on, kick-your-guts-in and maybe-get-hurt commitment part.

It’s like Once meets Kinky Boots, but with less boots and more lesbians.

Book by Susan Lambert Hatem
Songs by Michelle Malone and Songs by Amy Ray


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